Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Coming Soon....Probably!

Though I enjoy reading blogs, I'm not so good at writing them. I don't feel like posting for the sake of posting or catering to a particular audience. I'm not dedicated enough to stick with one of the popular blog themes: informative, DIY, biographical, business, literary, product review, etc.

I appreciate those who blog about their journey through some significant process, share their poetry, or show step-by-step how they made those really cute thingies......I enjoy reading and giving the occasional comment. I just can't blog it, but I still want to share SOMETHING other than random commentary.

I absolutely enjoy doodling. I love to break out the sharpies and copy paper just to see what happens. I like drawing the things little kids ask me to and then watching them color it in or add their own illustrations to it.

The future of this blog (if I don't relocate it to something better for this purpose) will be to post my own webcomic and/or coloring sheets for parents to print out for their children.

Stay tuned!

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