Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Coming Soon....Probably!

Though I enjoy reading blogs, I'm not so good at writing them. I don't feel like posting for the sake of posting or catering to a particular audience. I'm not dedicated enough to stick with one of the popular blog themes: informative, DIY, biographical, business, literary, product review, etc.

I appreciate those who blog about their journey through some significant process, share their poetry, or show step-by-step how they made those really cute thingies......I enjoy reading and giving the occasional comment. I just can't blog it, but I still want to share SOMETHING other than random commentary.

I absolutely enjoy doodling. I love to break out the sharpies and copy paper just to see what happens. I like drawing the things little kids ask me to and then watching them color it in or add their own illustrations to it.

The future of this blog (if I don't relocate it to something better for this purpose) will be to post my own webcomic and/or coloring sheets for parents to print out for their children.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I ought should set a goal of writing at least one blog a month.......or every other month....making shorter post more often..............or at least getting either the dishes or the laundry caught up.....


At least for the dishes and the laundry. *wink*

I'm thinking on more important goals. Such as making my walk with God more of a priority. Not saying He ain't important in my life, it's that my walk has been more unfocused the last few years. I try to make an effort to pray at least once a day, besides the typical pre-meal proffering....

.....but generally speaking, as a student, I've always lacked "study skills." Mostly I just crammed as much information as possible in (during the class) right before the exam. Not sayin' I'm smart or stupid, but I was occasionally (usually) shocked by the positive results on my report cards. It's a wonder I retained ANYTHING from my public education but I did do enough to "get by."

This lack of "study skills" has extended to my life as a Christian as well. I try to do what is morally right, as described in the law of Moses (possibly the world's first transcriptionist), and I live in a way representative of Christ, but I feel like I might be "just getting by." Which of course, as a Christian, is not acceptable.

So my goal is to make more of an effort to give my time and talent to God. First, I'm going to dust off one the studies I have and use it to help me spend more time in God's Word. A major step will be, after my husband, who I am so proud of for sticking with his studies, graduates in a couple weeks I will encourage him to go with me on Sundays to church. Our crazy schedules have not helped in us finding a local church to go to regularly. We usually attend church with our families when we visit, but our schedules have been super hectic this last semester we've hardly seen our families let alone gone to church with them. And lastly, far as giving of my talents, which mostly consists of spreading glitter and doodling, I intend to either auction off or sell some of my doodlings to raise money for some of the missionaries we know. I can say we're quite blessed to have a loving, supportive family, and to know many young people who are so inspired by the love of Christ to go spread the Word in other countries. (I'm very blessed to have a husband who has gone into the mission field before and also hopes to return).

So hopefully, this Saturday upcoming, I will have a posting of some of my doodlings for anyone who would wish to purchase them to support any upcoming missions. And I would like to just say a word of praise to Tyler, Besty, Benjamin, John, Ryan, Holly, Jared, and many others who have gone abroad to spread the good news. Thanks for doing what God called you to do!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


....or at least it seems like there is always something to catch up on! The laundry, shopping, moving, housework, paperwork, letter writing, projects,...and it has been a while since I mentioned how far behind I tend to get here...

I think I'll still write that patriotic Independence Day blog....once I'm not behind on uploading pictures. Ty and I had a wonderful time in North Carolina with my brother Scott, his gal Jessica, and our adventurously energetic niece and nephew. I don't think there's quite anything more patriotic then spending time with family picnicking, eating homemade blackberry pie, playing horseshoes, running the sprinkler, catching lightening bugs, or watching grown men set things on fire in the driveway. We had a blast! Pictures will come...eventually...hopefully...

We also spent a lovely week with our family in Florida before Ty's intership. We even went to a butterfly farm with Ty's parents, brother Dustin, and his gal Angela, and our oh-so-adorable-but-growing-too-fast niece Dallas. It was nice to relax with family and go for a walk along the beach. Of course those pictures are trapped with all our other pictures....

And perhaps when I'm not so behind I'll post something about my adventures with a vehicle that's not quite so easy to push. All I'll say I hope I never have to drag a vehicle again but PRAISE GOD for supportive co-workers, strangers who are willing to push, Tylenol, and mishaps that remind us just how blessed we are!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chillaxed Weekend

Ha ha ha. I don't even particularly like the word chillax let alone a conjugated form. I do like the word idiosyncratic.

Anywho.....Tyler and I had a nice weekend in Augusta exchanging Christmas presents with family. Yes, Christmas presents. At least it wasn't close to Easter this year. We had a nice dinner and exchange with my parents. And as usual it was nice to see my brother and his family. But the best part of exchanging presents,of course was exchanging them with my 8ish year old niece and 4ish year old nephew.

First of all, Zee handed out our presents proclaiming "Here, this is for pizza, and here, this is a movie." Talk about the element of surprise! Then of course we handed over their gifts. They didn't contain their enthusiasm. They shredded all that wrapping paper just about instantaneously. The part that made it absolutely worth it: they were more enthralled with the wrapping material than the actual gifts. Go figure!

We gave Ana a small Tinkerbell picture frame and a little Tinkerbell doll with holographic wings. Zee got a Buzz Lightyear Plush with Blanket. (Of course we had no clue this would be his THIRD). The following are images of what they actually played with, which was really quite amusing:

They played with that box and those ribbons all day except for the brief period we went to the park. It was nice to get some fresh air during daylight hours and stroll down the Riverwalk. I think the best scene was Tyler going down the slide. He was only going to sit at the top to pose for me when Ana gave him some encouragement *cough*SHOVED*cough*.

It was a good weekend even considering I almost caught the microwave on fire making a breadstick for Zee. I don't think I'll post that picture though. We'll just leave off with saying it really was a good weekend. Toodles! = )

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Well, it's been a while....

....since I last posted, and other than "I've been busy" I have no excuses. But since I am home sick instead of working I figured I would make the effort.

Right now I've been focused on finding a job in Florida and Tyler has been focused on what things he needs to do to be able to FINALLY graduate. And I say FINALLY because I remember how exhausting and challenging it was to get through the final year. I know he'll be relieved when he is FINALLY finished and he reached his goal. And I'm so proud of him for stickin' to it.

Our first Christmas together was relaxed. No real decorating this year as we didn't have a tree and spent the holiday with Tyler's family in Florida anyways. We'll have to do better next year. We also spent New Year's with Tyler's family in Georgia.

All in all, we're learning to become well travelled and how to pack really well. One helpful hint is to stock up on little pop up laundry bags. Easy to fold to put into a suit case or under a car seat to store dirty laundry created during a trip. Also handy for piling shoes into for ease of travelling or presents. Just a very useful item.

And since it has been soooooooooo long since I last posted I will end on a cute picture of my niece and nephew. It just happened to snow when they went to visit our grandparents in North Carolina. Needless to say this was their first experience with the fluffy coldness because, yeah, we're from Georgia. I have to say I wish I had been there to enjoy this wonderful first time with them.

Double trouble right there! Those look like decent sized snowballs!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


We finally have a manager for our nursing unit! Tyler comes home from school in Jacksonville tonight! God has blessed us with the ability to take care of several surprise financial needs! Tyler received an extra scholarship for being so smart! I was rewarded with a gift certificate for working extra to admit patients! I have my requirements for my Florida nursing license figured out! I have a week off after this Sunday! And best of all.....I get to meet my new little niece next week.

Just felt like sharing some good news. = )

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Down Time

I really should be asleep.....but I'm not quite ready to crawl into an empty bed just yet. (I sleep better when Tyler isn't in another state going to school since he answers the phone, the door, and keeps the bad guys away).

One of our new (a.ka. yicky) policies at work lately is that we have to sign a copy of our time card. (You're not supposed to get paid if you don't but I don't think that has been enforced.....yet). Since Ty has been in class I've tried to schedule my work nights while he's off at school. The only tricky part is that I still have to work some weekend shifts (because of another policy).

The point is that when Ty is gone I get bored and sometimes I go to the hospital to work extra. Because of our time card signing policy I noticed I actually worked 99 hours last pay period (two weeks). Okay, really only 87 because I was sick one night that I was actually supposed to work. That might not seem alot but at the same time my work nights come in 12 hour shifts with a good night meaning you get a full 30 minute (unpaid) lunch break. (Yeah, right. As if people sleep in hospitals).

That said....I'm really excited about getting to have some time off next week to go to Florida with my husband and relax. I've only gotta work two more shifts until I'm going to be off for a week. YAY! Not quite sure what the plans are other than meeting my adorable new niece Dallas Julia......but what's better than having time to relax and spend with family?